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We were sitting on the couch, as she was telling me the story I had my left hand on her pusse and my finger inside her in and out I kept this up until she came ohhhhhhh daaaaaad this feels so good, I love the way you make feel when you put finger inside me. [Alp] Yamitsuki Mura Daiichiya (COMIC Anthurium… After we had our sleep I spoke to Kim about her uncle Tony; I asked how it all stated, she said when I was 8 you used to go to Europe a lot on business, yes I remember that, one week you were away uncle tony came over we were watching TV one night at about 9pm I said was going to bed and said good night kisses them both as I kissed uncle tony he put his hand on my back then let it slip down to my bum and squeezed it I looked at him and he winked at me and said good night sexy I smiled at him and blushed, off I went to bed I could not get the thought of uncle tony out of my head and him squeezing my bum, I don’t no why but I put my hand onto my pusse and started to rub I had no idea what I was doing but it felt nice, after a while I fell asleep but woke up to load sounds coming from your room, I was worried that something was up, I got out of bed to go see, I opened my door and was going over to your room halve way across, uncle tony opened your door he was naked he put his finger to his lips and closed the door, he came over to me and took me back to my room and we went inside he closed my door very quietly he said sorry about the noise did we wake you, no I was going to the toilet, me to, I said mums room have an on suit in there room why don’t you go toilet there,
no pet I am going for a beer in the kitchen, all this time I was looking at his thing between his legs, he saw where my eyes were, he then lifted it up for me to see, do you like this, I don’t know what is it,(again I lied I had been told what it was at school by other girls) uncle Toney, give me your hand a sec I did and he put my small hand around it, he asked me to squeeze it and pull on it I looked at him, he said it won’t hurt I promise, so I started to squeeze and pull on it, it was all wet and slimy and it got so big and hard I felt so big and grown up pulling his thing he said we can’t do any more in case mum came looking for him so we stopped, he said I could come over to his place tomorrow, he kissed on the lips and put his hand between my legs and squeeze my pepe it felt nice.

Hentai: [runa] Miwaku no White Sauce ~Boku no Asoko de Daihanjou~ (Kintama o Omocha ni Shite Shasei Kanri Suru Heroine-tachi Vol. 1) [English] {Hennojin} [Digital]

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[runa]魅惑のホワイトソース~僕のアソコで大繁盛~ (キンタマを玩具にして射精管理するヒロインたちVol.1) [英訳] [DL版]

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