Gay Shop Physical Education - To Heart

when your lips finally touched mine
I knew i could never find
a man to make me feel
so outragousl devine

your kisses are so sweet
they are like wine
i want them pourd all over my body
and to be carressed all the time

i like your hands in places
they're not supposed to be
you make me feel so happy
so happy and free

i never forget the first time you made me cum
i never knew it could be so much fun
and when you put it in my ass it felt so bomb
youll never have to worrie ill never tell mom. Grandmother Erotic Image Of Open Leg Livecam .

Hentai: (C78) [Tear Drop (tsuina)] Physical education (To Heart) [English] [Trinity Translations Team]

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(C78) [Tear Drop (tsuina)]Physical education(トゥハート) [英訳]

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