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Well one day i got home from school one day and i thought my mom was working late so i went into my room and i turned on the porn and started watching incest porn so i took my 7 1/2 inch cock and i started jacking off saying mom oh yes fuck yeah mom your so good to et my orgasm better and my mom walked in on me and i didnt see her at first cause my eyes were closed and my mom said Hi honey im home and i freaked out i was like oh fuck and i coverd myself up and she said im flattered that u think of me when u masturbate and i was like really and she says yes it makes me think im still hot and she says so what u watching and take that towl off ur lap its not like i havnt seen it before so i tool the towel off and she said damn your bigger then ur dad

And i had a smile so she was like so what porn u watching and i said incest and shes like u like incest huh and i was like yes and she said lock your door so i did and when i turned around she was on my bed and she said if u really like incest prove it to me so i hopped on bed and i took her skirt off and she was wearing a sky blue thong so i started to rub her through the thong and i made her panties all wet so then i took them off with my teeth and her clit was all hard so i started to suck on her clit while i fingerd her with 2 fingers and she was moaning like crazy and she then said im cumming

And she really did cum she squirted all in my face and in side my mouth and i swallod it so i took my cock and i put it in her nice and slow while i took off her bra and played with her tits so she said fuck me hardeer so i fucked her harder and faster and made her squirt again all over my cock this time and as soon as she did that i told her to suck it and forced it down her mouth till she chocked on it then i took it out and i flipped her over doggy style and i said your a bad girl and she said punish me daddy so i took my cock and i put it in her ass

As she moaned from the pain and pleasure so i started to fuck her harder in the ass then i took it out
and i whiped it off and we 69nd each other as i was eatting her pussy she was moaning loudly so i started to suck her clit again while i rub her as im moaning since she is sucking my cock and gaging on it so we stoped 69ing and i forced her to suck my hard cock and made her deep throat it as she chocked she said no more so i forced it deepr in her mouth

Then i took it out so she could breath and said damn id never haver a cock this big and i said yeah u want it in you again so i rammed it in her cunt as she screamid i said whos ur daddy bitch whos ur daddy and she said u are i and i said thats right so i fucked her harder nad harder so i took it out and i sucked on her tits and she started lactating so i kept going and drank the milk and she wasnt pregnet either so i told her to suck daddys cock and she sucked it for a good 15 mins while my hand was on her head and i said im cumming mom im cumming were do u want it and she said in me so i quickly put it in her and i cummed in her pussy ad i was done and laid on her and she said i dont work 2mrw honey and u dont have school and ur dads leaving at 4 am to go to new york and i said do same time 2mrw mom and she said yes so my dad called and he said im getting home late so then i hopped in the shower with my mom and next thing u know

my TWIN 16 year old sister walks into use the bathroom so i shut up and be quit and my sister saw someone else in the shower so when she was done she threw open the curton and said holy shit and were like its not as bad as u think and she said no not that my brothers cock is huge and she hopped in the shower with us so when she was in the shower she amdetly went straight for my cock and started to blow me as i made her chock on it i was standing up my sister was on her knees sucking me off and our mom was laying down on the tub eating my sister out we all then got out of te shower and we get in my mom king sized bed and my sister says i want ur cock moms had enopugh of it so my sister take my cock and slips it into her virgin pussy as she is thrusting up and down on my cock i look down and see blood running from her pussy and she is in pain but 5 mins l8ter she was screaming in an orgasm and while all this is going my mom is sitting on my face so im eating her pussy and lickingher wet cunt while she is making out with my sister and grabing her tits then my mom pulls out a 8 1/2 inch dildo and tells my sister to get into the doggy style and my mom puts it in her as and my sister screamed from the pain i then got up and started to fuck my mom in her ass while she was dildoing my sister

we then stop and me and my sister do a 69 while my mom forces her head deeper onto my cock and while im eating her out my sister screams im cumming stop it stop im cumming but i keep going and i make her squirt all over my face it was so good it was better then my moms pussy cum i then say im cumming and i get my sister to sit on my cock and i blow my load in her tight wet cunt and i said i had to cum again and then i did but this time in my moms pussy. More Info .

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