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“Me too,” Alicia rejoined, “I'll never get tired of feeling the hot cum blowing from a hard cock head!!!” By now there were two very aroused vaginas that needed attention, so the moment of truth would soon be at hand!!!

Both girls stood in front of the couch with their legs spread wide apart, exposing their teenage vaginas to Dan and Alex. Real Orgasm Oltretomba Speciaal – 040 – De… Dan was doing Alicia's clit with his finger when he remarked, “She has very puffy lips doesn't she, Alex?!?” “Yes, very,” replied Alex, “she says it runs in our family, all of the women have puffy vaginas!” Alex turned his gaze back to Donna's hot slit, and said, “She really gets wet doesn't she, leaks like a drippy faucet!” Dan laughed and replied, “You got that right, if I'm not eating her out, she's playing with herself all of the time!” Both girls were now panting harder, trying to get the boys to concentrate their efforts directly on their clits.

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