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What’s up?- I asked
Where were you?-my mom asked I could see she was pissed about something,- walking down the beach with Marie why what’s wrong?- I was as cool as ice, I had a good teacher the ice queen herself my sister Kat, my mom immediately dropped her guard she could read me like a book and this time the book said nothing was wrong , as I wasn’t nervous or shitting myself she must of thought I was really just walking down the beach, she told Marie that her parents were on their way home and she should join them, that was odd we never had curfew on the beach, I told my mom I would walk Marie home she told me ok but not to take long, as we walked together past my house I could see my dad and a couple of guys talking and drinking, the music was down to a low volume, I felt tension on the air, what the hell had happened, Marie asked me what was wrong I told her I didn’t know, she squeezed my hand and said she was impressed, that she thought we had been caught , we laughed a little and kissed some more, I dropped at her place, and walked back home feeling like hell, what had happened, I was so close, again I thought it’s the second time its happened I was so close. After a couple of minutes once I got my bearings back I asked her if she had enjoyed it as well and that if she had swallowed all my stuff, she told me she had liked it and that the swallowing part was the special of the specials, that she never did that, we didn’t feel weird or anything, I felt satisfied and sure that it wouldn’t be uncomfortable, we got back home and no one was the wiser, everything was a ok.

Hentai: (C95) [Tiusan Kingdom (Kazamitiu)] Skadi-sama wa Ai ga Hoshii (Fate/Grand Order)

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(C95) [ちうさんキングダム (かざみちう)]スカディ様は愛がほしい(Fate/Grand Order)

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