Swallowing Yuumon No Hate Juu  Culo Grande

“Ah, that is a really good ass pussy there, you little whore! Nice and tight still, but not after I ream it out, anyone else want this little faggot's ass when I'm done? Got a nice tight hole, clean as a whistle and tested, so you can bareback the little queer???”

I realized that several guys were now in the room with us, and I figured it was going to just go crazy, and I loved every second of it!!

My guy started really pounding me, grabbing my hips roughly while his cock plunged in and out of my ass and it didn't take him long to release with a loud grunt and as he pulled out, I could feel him release again onto my ass, so I figured I already had a good mess of cum all over my hole but it was only seconds until the next guy rammed himself into me, and he was taking no prisoners!

Ah! Fuck yeah! Nice ass, ya little bitch, does that feel real good when I rape that hole??/ Does it??” He said, yanking my hair!

“It's good, baby, it's soo good, but I don't deserve a good fuck, I deserve it rough and hard, hard as you want, because all I am is your little bitch!”

He took that to heart and was incredibly rough, hammering me as hard as he could, and he wasn't tiny! He was nice and thick, and incredibly rock hard, which is crucial to getting off anally! He kept thundering his tool deep inside of me, and I felt my orgasm building, and with each deep pump, it got closer and closer and finally I couldn't hold it back!

“Ooooh god I'm coming!!! Fuck me harder!!!”

He dutifully kept slamming himself in and out of my by now soaking ass and then he held me tight as he erupted with a scream!

“FUCK YEAH! That's an ass that needs fucking all the time, someone nail him quick, we're all gonna do him!”

That was just what I wanted to hear!

For the next three hours I serviced every guy in there. Bulge Dalin Mt. Lady – My Hero Academia I did.

Hentai: [Sankaku Apron (Sanbun Kyoden, Umu Rahi)] Yuumon no Hate Juu [2004-02]

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[さんかくエプロン (山文京伝, 有無らひ)]憂悶の果て・蹂[2004年2月]

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