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“Well,” she intoned, “we get calls for batchelorette parties, business meetings, birthday parties, and a dozen other occasions that an exotic dancer might entertain at, we charge a set fee of anywhere from $500 on up, depending on how may dancers we send out, and out of that, you get $200 guaranteed!” “In most cases, you can pick up as much as $200 dollars in tips from the women at the parties so on an average night you can usually pick up anywhere from $200 to $500, not bad for three hours work!” “If you decide to take one of the ladies home, you're on your own, we discourage it, but we don't have a rule against it, that is entirely up to you!” “Finally, you can usually expect to work two to three gigs a week,” she summ?arized, “so you have a chance to make some really good money!” “Still interested,” she asked!?! “When do I start,” he replied quickly!?! “Good,” she answered enthusiastically, “let's get down to business!!!”

Jill shoved a pile of forms for him to fill out, and he spent the next half hour completing them. There was a sign on the ?desk that said “Ring Bell For Service”, so Jack poked it a couple of times, and a few minutes later a lady of about forty five or so came through the door to the rear of and extended her hand and said, “You must be Jack, I'm Jill, come on and follow me back to my office!” As spartan as the outer office had been, Jill Hadley's private office was just the opposite, with a plush carpet, beautiful furniture, a cushy sofa along the wall, and expensive looking paintings hanging tastefully on two of the four walls.

Hentai: (Reitaisai 14) [Idobata Kaigisho (Fried)] Futo Saimin (Touhou Project)

Futo Saimin 1Futo Saimin 2Futo Saimin 3Futo Saimin 4Futo Saimin 5Futo Saimin 6Futo Saimin 7Futo Saimin 8Futo Saimin 9Futo Saimin 10Futo Saimin 11Futo Saimin 12Futo Saimin 13Futo Saimin 14Futo Saimin 15Futo Saimin 16Futo Saimin 17Futo Saimin 18Futo Saimin 19Futo Saimin 20Futo Saimin 21Futo Saimin 22Futo Saimin 23Futo Saimin 24

(例大祭14) [井戸端会議所 (ふりいど)]布都催眠(東方Project)

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