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when I’m done with you crave an worship not only mine but every other black man you will ever meet, especially his cock, and I can assure you there will be many! The next thing I knew he had what I thought was another kind of switch they were some green leafy stocks of nature, the kind that grow wild around these hot springs that had replaced the nasty leather switch, the cool green leaves were quite soothing as he first rubbed them back and forth up between my open naked legs but this feeling slowly started change, as I realized they were nettles! OMG! It was as if very tiny pins and needles were pricking me in my most sensitive sexual places, as he gave me several harsh upper cuts in between my open legs then pulled me up turned me around to face him, and screamed at me to, put my hands behind my head!

Once around his hands and fingers along with one of the dark green leafs were in my pussy lips as he wrapped one around my now swollen clit and squeezed the green juices into the open pores of this so stimulated clitoral flesh, little goose bumps formed everywhere and my eyes watered as the green nettles from the switching came it contact with my unprotected naked skin. to where I tried to move my bottom forward and pull away I jerked and jiggled as last nasty cracks of the wet leather switch really stung, before he stopped altogether, my head had been thrown back several times as I arched and bucked from these last nasty stinging whacks right on the very tip of my totally exposed clitoral flesh and bent over even farther to give him a better target still hanging tightly onto the chair now with my forearms and elbows against it!

I was shuddering and shaking in tears as he grabbed my blond hair with his hand and pulled my head back and up forcefully, then with a knowing voice said I knew it, you are a slutty little black cock whore, and one that will,.

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