[PH-BU] Puni Kaku 10

“There will be a bit of nudity involved with our lesson and I think that having the men in the room would have made some of you very uncomfortable” There was a slight murmur when Ellyn Crawford mentioned the word nudity but everyone sat still waiting for her to explain further. Read this post

“Having a baby is a wonderful experience,” she went on, “but tonight we are going to actually simulate that experience by stripping nude below the waist and having a partner play the doctor or nurse!” The women looked at each other nervously, but when Ellyn Crawford ordered them to pair off they did so without question! Bay and Patti paired up, but even though they had become friendly over the course of the last few months, neither one of them were quite ready for what was going to happen next! “Okay,” Ellyn ordered, “one of you take off your things and lie down on your mat with your legs tucked up to your butt and your legs spread as wide apart as you can get them!” “Geesh,” Patti said nervously, “you wanna go first?” “No, but I will,” Bay replied softly while taking pulling up her loose fitting dress and removing her over sized panties.

Hentai: [PH-BU] Puni Kaku 10

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