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Emma eyed the half loaded commuter train car for a few moments before deciding to take a seat across from a middle aged business man who was busy reading the morning paper!!! She waddled down the aisle and stopped at his shoulder and asked in a sweet voice, “Is this seat taken,” while motioning to the empty bench directly across from him!?! “Uh no, ma’am,” he replied while shaking his head, “it’s been empty ever since I got on board, help yourself!!!” “Thanks,” Emma replied while plopping down in front of him, “my legs are just dead!!!” He smiled at her for a moment before going back to his reading, but out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of her pulling up her skirt to expose a generous portion of her fleshy thigh, and as he furtively looked in her direction, she spread her legs wide apart giving him and eyeful of her hairy fat pussy!!! His eyes nearly popped out of his head as she whispered softly in a barely audible voice, “Look at my pussy, it’s so wet and just about r?}?eady to cum, ohhhhhhhhhhh, I’m so fucking hot!!!” He swallowed hard while looking around to see if anyone was watching them, and when he was satisfied they weren’t, he quickly came back to her pussy which by now was flushed and open, and obviously on the verge of a sexual climax!!! He looked back and forth from her pussy to her face, and as he licked his dry lips she sighed, “I hope you don’t think bad of me, but I just can’t help myself, I always end up showing complete strangers my pussy and then cum really hard when they’re staring at it, if you’re upset with me just say so and I’ll cover myself up!!!” Sweat had now broken out on his forehead, and in a wavering voice mumbled, “N-no, please, let me watch you, are you really going to climax!?!” “Oh, yes,” she moaned softly, “my pussy is so big and fat and when it gets excited it just bulges out like crazy, does it look like it’s opened up!?!” He quickly nodded his head and after checking again to make sure they weren’t being watched asked, “H-how about we get off at the next stop so that I can see it closer up!?!” She groaned softly and asked, “H-how much closer, close enough to touch it with your tongue!?!” All he could do was nod as he shifted around in his seat while trying to straighten out his rock hard pecker that had become entangled in his shorts!!!

“Follow me,” she said as the two of them made their way off the train, “I know a place!!!” Two minutes later they entered a bar that had a few patrons sipping on their beers after having just gotten off the night shift!!! Emma asked the bartender where the rest rooms were, and after wending their way through a maze of pool tables and video machines, Emma pulled her prey into the women’s washroom and pushed him down onto the john!!! His eyes were as big as saucers as he watched her pull her dress up over her plump belly and her incredibly hairy bush slipped into view!!! “You like,” she asked softly while spreading her legs and fingering her droolin?}?g muffy, “most men just love a big fat pussy!?!” He took a deep breath and sucked in a lung full of her aroma, and after looking her directly in the eye, leaned forward and let his mouth press directly into her huge slit!!!

“O-oh god,” she gasped, “r-right there, oh yesssssss, suck my big fat hairy pussy!!!” Like a starving man he bored in on her wet pussy, and after letting his tongue wander up and down the length of her slit, he found her incredibly hard clit and flicked the tip of his tongue quickly across her little hardon!!! As hot as she was, it took no more than a minute or two to bring her to a climax that left her shuddering and spent as she flopped back against the door panting like a steam engine while trying to collect her breath!!! Now it was his turn as he stood up and undid the front of his trousers, allowing his big erection to pop menacingly into view!!! “So,” he asked evenly, “what are you gonna do for me!?!”

She was wearing a simple cotton print dress, and just as casually as you please he reached out and caressed her massive chest through the thin colorful material while ordering, “Okay, lean over the sink, I’m gonna fuck you like a dog, now move!!!” Her legs were still a little shaky, but seeing his big dick sticking straight up made her pussy lurch slightly, and after giving his cock a little jerk, she leaned over the sink and spread wide in anticipation of his rear assault!!! “Okay, cunt,” he said evenly, “get ready, cuz Quentin’s about ready to fuck your fat wet pussy!!!” Her whole body literally shuddered as he ran his cock up and down her crack, and when he figured she was ready, he grabbed her by her fat hips, and after getting all lined up, he rammed his prick balls deep into her quivering snatch, nearly bringing her to her knees!!!

This was a first for him, fucking a fat girl that is, and with vicious abandon he drove his seven inch spike in and out of her until she became a mewling bitch under the thrall of his brutal ere?}?ction!!! He was surprised at the sexual adeptness of the fat assed bitch, and even more so that she turned him on like no one ever had before, and as he plowed in and out of her, he stared in rapt fascination as her fat ass shook like a bowl of Jell-o with each stroke!!! His pecker head had now taken over from his mind, and not even a team of wild horses could have pulled him off of her as he threw his hips into over drive!!! Her huge breasts shimmied uncontrollably in her big bra, and as his orgasm neared, he reached under her and cupped them through thin fabric, pinching her oversized nipples until she yelped as a mixture of pain and pleasure raced through her while his big cock convulsed hard as it spewed load after load deep inside of her huge pussy!!!

She was too shell shocked to even move a muscle, and with legs that were the consistency of spaghetti, he slumped back down onto the toilet while letting his blood pressure return to normal!!! A little rivulet of cum dribbled down the inside of her fat thigh, and on very rickety legs she stood up and said softly, “I never did catch your name!!!” “Quentin,” he replied, “and you!?!” “My name’s Emma!!!” “Well, Emma,” he replied while standing up and putting his dick back into his pants, “you’ve made me late for work!!!” With a little giggle erupting from her throat she answered, “Well, Quentin, I think you’ll get over it, don’t you!?!” He kissed her softly on the cheek and answered softly, “For sure, baby, for sure!!!”


Hentai: The Daily Of Girls

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