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this is my story it is true it all started when iwas 3 year old but before i begin i want to tell you about our family my dad is one of 10 and mum 1 of 2
i am 1 of 8 i am the 2nd youngers

well this is how it started i was about 3 and i was lying in bed when my elder brother come in and pull the blanket back he ask me if i seen a sauage before i said no only the ones mum has well he said mine is a lot beter
he pull his pants down and show me it was big and had a thing on top he said do you want to touch it i was getting scard and he said it ok it will not hurt you and took my hand it felt funny it got even biger when i did this
after a while he said put it in your mouth i said yuck but he said it taste nice so i put it in a little bit now suck it like a looy pop then all of a sudden stuff come out and went in my mouth it tasted salty but nice he then
put his finger in my pants and started to rub my wee wee it felt nice after a while he got on top of me and put his sauage in my wee wee it hurt because he could not get it in i started to cry so he stop and just cuddle me he did not
try again for a long time. when i was 5 my mum and dad had a party all my uncles and auntie were then one of my uncles said to me come sit on his knee
i did he was at the table so no one could see us because of the cloth he put his hand under my dress and was playing with my wee wee i could feel some thing sticking into my bottom it was getting bigger he keep rubbing me and wisbering
in my ear do you like it i went ymm and he smiled he undone is zipp and put his thing at my opening but it was to small
mum came in and said she wanted some thing at the shops and uncle said we will go won,t we i said ok mum went out and he put
his thing away and held my hand and we went in his car we drove down the lane to the park and he stop he said to me lets play
grown up ok i said ok he told me to go into the bushes and take my cloths of he came in and took his off he layed me on the ground and put his thing in my mouth
i suck on it and it got big he then spread my legs and put his dick in my pussy it would not fit but he keep pushing it hurt
real bad i staretd to cry and say stop but he said it will be ok soon he push real hard and i scream out he put his hand over my mouth
and said shut up or i will spank you it went on for a while then he got of it was still sore we went to the shop

the next time was when i was 6 there was some boys that live down the back they were all about my age we use to play lots of game in there old caravan it was made into
a play house there was my 2 brothers and 2 other boys they said today we are playing doctors and nurses is that ok i like that game
my sister and me played it but they said we don,t need nurses only doc and i can be the sick person i said ok what do i have to do
they said you have to lay on the bed i did jimmy the olders come over he was 10 he put his hand on my shoulder and lent down and started to kiss me
it felt funny he said now i have to see what is wrong with you he put his hand up my dress and started to pull my undies down he was looking at me and
said this looks good come look and all the boys did nice they said now what will we do open your legs i did one of then had
something in his hand and they put it in me they push it in and out it hurt a bit jimmy said i want to try something to then
he took his pants of and got on the bed he put his dick in me and went up and down for a while the other boys just look
next thing i felt lots of stuff going ito me it was warm he got of and spread my legs and said look the other boys said
can we try that ok with you sis so they all did it then jimmy said i have seen picturs with dicks up bums let me try with her
i said i did not want to but they grab me and held me so jimmy could try they pulled me from the bed and layed me over the chair
one was in front of me and holding my hands jimmy come up behind me and push his dick in me i scream and he hit my bum real
hard and said shut up someone come around the front and put his dick in my mouth and said suck next i could feel was jimmy putting
stuff in my bum and he boy at the front put stuff down my mouth it tasted salty after this they told me to get dress and if
i told on then look out
they brought me icecream for being a good girl and said not to tell anyone

then next time i had it was 10 i was staying at my sister and her husband for the hoildays my sister work
and her husband was to feed us and put us to bed i was in the spare room by myself he put me in bed the layed beside me
he said lets talk for a while i said ok what do you want to talk about he said i want to ask you some thing and show you something
i said ok what he ask if i had seen a dick i siad yes he said have you play with one i sad yes he said do you want mine
i said i don,t know then he said can i have a look at yours i said ok he took my nighty of and started to suck my tits then he move down
and suck my pussy he then put a finger in my bum and it hurt he came up and said i want you to suck me
i got on my knees and put it in my mouth it was a lot bigger than the boys he told me to move around to his bottom and lick it
it tasted yuck but he held my head there next he drag me up and put me on the bed and said do you know what fuck is
i said no he said i am going to show you right now he push my legs right up and put his dick hard in me i scream and he hit me
and said shut up slat i am going to fuck you so hard after a long time he push me over and suck on my bum then he put his dick in
my bum it hurt because he was so big i was crying and he keep hitting me on the back telling me to shut up after a long time he
got off and said go have a shower if you tell anyone i will do it harder next time

when i was 13 i was playing down the park and a friend i had know for years come up and started to talk he said you look all grown up i said thanks
he ask if he could kiss me i said ok he did he said open you mouth i said why he stuck his tounge in me and he said suck
i had not done this before after a while he said lets go into our cubby we had as kids it was in the park i said ok
we got there and we sat down he said take your cloths of i want to fuck you i siad i am not sure he said if you don,t i will
tell what we did when we were little so i took of my cloths and he took of his as he did he said remenber when we put something in you
i said yes and he said well i am going to do it again i look down and he had a bottle he said bend over i said no he said ok i tell
so i bent over and he put the bottle in my bum the push me over and put his dick in me so i had both in me i started to cry because the bottle hurt
he put his mouth on my tits and bit he said shut up bitch or i will bite then off when he finish he just laugh and got dress and walk away
i was lying there when i heard something somone was coming i tryed to put my cloths on but it was to late it was a man
and his big dog the dog come close to me and stiff he said he was watching and his dog need a service i did not know what he ment
he said get you cloths on you are coming with me i said no i got to go home he said i will ring your dad
we went to his house and he said get into the shower then come out do not put your cloths on i took a long time
to shower he yelled at me to come on as i walk out he had a video going he said play with your tits pull then
and come her and spread your legs i stood in the loungh like this and he let his dog in he came up to me and stiff
between my legs it felt funny then the dog lick my fanny i was getting all wet the dog lap it al up then the dog got
behind me and push me onto the loungh it started to jump up and i was face down i could feel his dick in between my legs
next it found it spot and entered me it kept on pushing then i heard a whoose and this big thing was in me it hurt
so bad all the while the video was going i cold feel the dog getting bigger i started to cry the man had put the video
down and came around the front he put his dick in my mouth and said herer shut up have a lollie pop and suck when the dog
shot it load the man said do not move stay still he is lock and he will hurt you so the man just keep fucking my face
the he shot and said drink it all up by the time i finish the dog was licking it self the man said now get into the shower
and go home and do not tell
i went home and did not tell
the rest is another story this is my first story.

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